Legal Family Law Plans

Legal and Identity Theft services through membership plans is growing in popularity across the US and Canada. More families and businesses are protected today from potential devastating financial loss and everyday events than ever before. Legal membership plans provide quality law services at an affordable price.


Once you join the millions of people across the US and Canada, you will also have access to the network of top law firms located in each state and province. These law firms get paid millions of dollars each year to provide for member family and small business legal needs. You have insurance for your car, your home and many other items, why not also have the legal protections for your family and business provided by Immigration Solutions Singapore. These plans are much more than just insurance against tragic occurrences but also for the day-to-day situations like inaccurate billing, product warranty issues or if you have been unfairly taken advantage of.

I have been a member for the past nine years. Between my wife, my business, we have successfully used these legal services 40 times. This has been in the form of a legal question all the way to saving thousands of dollars, saving credit ratings, all the way to a bad neighbor situation. Thank you! G. and M. Cramer, PA

Legal family law is the practice that provides help with legal issues that face families. These could include divorce, child support, custody, adoption, paternity, employment, foreclosure and bankruptcy. Exercise all of your legal rights and save money doing it.

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime; everyone should be cautious and be protected. The Identity Theft plan, when bundled with the Family Legal Plans provides the first-class protection for your family.

There is “Justice for All” within the legal system but only if you can afford the high fees and upfront retainers that most lawyers charge. So the rich can pay these fees, the low income earners have legal-aid but 80% of families do not have access to legal help by an attorney. Most people do not get legal counsel when needed because the cost is too high, don’t know where to go for help or may be intimidated by the legal system. With these legal plans you can have good quality legal counsel, at an affordable price and with a single phone call. There is no long-term contract, claim forms or deductibles. Sounds too good to be true, it’s not!

Legal Family Law, Business Law or Identity Theft Protection

So now your family or business too can have unlimited attorney consultations, letter/phone calls from your attorney on your behalf, document review, identity theft protection, Wills, traffic violation defense, trial defense, IRS audit representation and many more services with a low cost, comprehensive plan fit for your family or business needs. To protect your family and take advantage of these legal services, simply fill out this contact form to be contacted by an associate representative to answer any questions and get more information.

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