I would like to thank you all I and the Law Firm in my ef­forts to recover $53.10 from [a digital telephone and cable company]. This was an over payment they seemly refused to refund. You accomplished in two months what I could not do in the previous five be­fore I enlisted your help in the matter. I know $53.10 isn’t much, but in this economy, every bit helps. Again, thank you. — Member, TX

I want to share a phone call that I received two weeks ago as a result of a letter that was written on our behalf. I was having lunch, with an associate, when my phone rang. I answered and on the other end a voice asked, “Is this Mrs. Mercer?”
“Yes,” I answered.
“Is this Susan Mercer?” Again, I answered, “Yes.” Then the lady identified herself as [being] with the Tax Payer Advocate Service of the IRS.
I know at that point my eyes must have been as big as saucers. That is certainly NOT the person that you are ever hoping to have call you on the phone. She proceeded by telling me that the IRS had received a letter from [my provider attorney], that she had already contacted [him] to let him know that the prob­lem had been resolved, and she just wanted to call me, personally, and APOLOGIZE! She assured me that all of the information had been sent to North Carolina and taken care of.
Now, doesn’t the IRS always call and apologize when they make a mistake? I would give anything to have had that call recorded for prosperity.
For nine years we had been trying to resolve this issue. We even paid several attor­neys, prior to [my provider attorney], to handle the matter. The IRS did not receive our tax return during a particular year, so they chose to file one for my husband, as a single indi­vidual with no dependents. This resulted in the IRS placing a $17,000 lien on our property and threatening to garnish my husband’s wages. We filed a return. The IRS determined that we did not owe taxes, and in fact, were due a refund. They sent us a refund check and a notice of release to stop the garnish­ment. However, they failed to notify [our county].
For nine years we have suffered from a $17,000 lien that was never removed from our record. Thanks [provider], not only has it been removed, but we have a “once in a lifetime” story of the day the IRS apologized. Thanks again for the won­derful service provided by [our provider firm]. — S. Mercer, NC

I [would like to] send a commendation about the law office that recently solved a major problem for me. The service was profes­sional, prompt, and kind. The attorney and his staff were helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable. The referral process was flawless. I saved MANY THOUSANDS OF DOL­LARS. I never had to leave my home state. I never had to see my ex-wife in court! — T. Blue, NM

Thank you for your above and beyond effort in re­viewing my car contract and getting it back to me an hour after I emailed it to you! I re­alize it was short notice, but I appreciate the quick turn around. Your promptness has helped me tremendously and makes me even more proud to sell this service to people. — C. Rodriguez, NC

After having been repre­sented by [my provider attorney] on four separate traffic citations, I wanted to express my appreciation for his work on each matter and share this with your staff. He took the time to understand each matter carefully and provided me with excellent representation. Even [the judge) of Bellevue District Court stated he did an excel­lent job representing me. I feel fortunate that he was able to assist me and believe this speaks well of your firm that you have attorneys as capable and thorough as [him]. — C. Dwyer, WA

I would like to thank you for your assistance in commu­nication with [the company] and helping to resolve this claim. I’m fully satisfied and accept their response to settle this claim in the amount of $5,548.69.
Again, thank you for your assistance. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact my wife. — G. Jaynes, FL

I received a traffic ticket the first part of March for suspended registration. I had no idea of the situation until the officer took my plates and wrote me a ticket with a fine amount of $1,132. I contacted my provider law firm, and they returned my call while I was still at the DMV. They went to court for me and the case was dismissed. No points. No fine. Thank you so much! That just paid for my [service] membership for the next three and one-half years!!! — S. Hawkins, NV

On January 22, I received a traffic citation. It was the first one I had ever received and I was, under­standably, upset. I contacted [my provider attorney] for advice. The member of that firm that called me back was extremely helpful.
I was advised that the firm would handle the matter for me. An attorney hearing was held on March 18 and the matter was resolved. The out­come for me was that there would be no reporting to my insurance company and the incident would be reduced to a parking ticket. The fine that I paid was considerably less than the original citation called for.
I would like to thank [my provider attorney] for her efforts and commend the law firm for their prompt and ef­ficient handling of the matter. My husband has used this representative of [my provider law firm] for another matter last year. The advice given to him in a real estate insurance matter wound up saving us thousands of dollars. [my provider attorney] has been a very valuable asset for us.
Thank you for the service. — M. Chapin, NV

Thank you very much for taking the time and put­ting forth the due effort that was necessary … concern­ing my case of [an individual] and child support.
I have tried to get child sup­port adjusted for two years through [a previous attorney]. You have already succeeded in that area and have also made progress with the other case.
I really appreciate all your legal advice. It has been con­ducted in a very cooperative and professional manner. — H. Cannon, KY

I was tagged by laser at 79 miles per hour by the Ohio State Highway Patrol return­ing from my granddaughter’s graduation party. Yes, I was in the passing lane rolling by a lumbering RV when I spotted the patrol. Only when the of­ficer approached my stopped vehicle did I realize he had tagged me with laser. That sounds like no chance to plead the case. No extenuat­ing circumstances. The road was dry, the traffic moderate. I was imagining a $300 fine and court costs, so I didn’t have much hope. The trooper was adamant, he had me tagged and was not going to cite me for less.
This was until [my attorney] arrived at the courtroom, spoke to the trooper, chatted with the prosecutor and then spoke to the judge.
The judge asked about my driving record, my family, my work in Rotary Club over the years, and then pronounced a sentence … a $75 fine to include court costs (when normally the court costs alone are $75!)
I want to thank you for a job well done. It was a totally un­expected verdict! And thanks to [my legal service] for making this possible. — J. Charles, OH

The attorney’s letter saved me more than $700! I really didn’t think that my complaint with the health insurance company could be resolved in my favor, but evidently a simple letter from the law firm was all I needed. — A. Page, IA

You are an outstanding individual! My husband and I wanted to send you a big heartfelt THANK YOU for helping resolve the issue we had with [the gallery]! They returned $887 to our account yesterday! Our belief in the law firm and you especially is getting bigger and stronger all the time! You are a very wonderful person. Again, thank you so much. If it would not have been for you, we would never have gotten our money back! — V. Kahkoner, ME

I wanted to take a moment and tell you about the wonderful experience I’ve just had with [my provider attorney]. This is the second occasion I’ve had to utilize your service. Unfortunately, both times were for speeding tickets!
[An attorney] represented me today on a traffic violation in Danbury, Connecticut. He did an outstanding job of having my fine drastically re­duced. [He] was both profes­sional and courteous. It was a pleasure to spend the time with him in traffic court!
I have nothing but great things to say regarding [my provider law firm]. They were always prompt in helping me whenever I had a question or concern. [my provider attorney] is a tremendous service, and you have excellent people servic­ing your product. — C. Faressa, CT

I just returned from court, and thanks to the help I received from your staff, I was able to save close to $170.
I’m a [legal serivce] member, and I was recently stopped for speeding in Somerville, New Jersey. I soon learned that I didn’t have a current insurance card (although I did have insurance). The officer decided to give me a ticket for failure to present a docu­ment instead of speeding.
I later learned that the fine for this offense was more than double the fine I would have paid for the speeding offense.

With the advice I received … I was able to go into court and speak to the prosecutor, who asked that as much of the fine as pos­sible be waived, the judge dismissed the entire fine, leaving me with only the court costs, which were $30. In the past, I would have just paid the fine. I do ap­preciate the money I saved. Thank you for the great advice I received. — S. Bullard. Jr., NJ

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